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Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Functional Wellness offers premium epigenetic coaching, massage therapy, and natural human movement coaching. Individuals, groups, and corporate wellness programs have come to expect top quality service from Functional Wellness, (formerly known as Mo the Human). If you’re seeking highly effective massage therapy, one-on-one coaching for full body fitness, or group instruction to optimize daily movements, Functional Wellness is available to serve your needs.

Who is Mo the Human?

Moses Goldstein, BS Biology, LMBT, NC lic#6887

Years ago in Boulder, CO...

Mo had a good friend who owned a tattoo shop. Right next door to this shop was a Rottweiler named Mo.  After some very humorous confusion occurred in several conversations, this group of friends referred to one as "Mo the dog" and the other as "Mo the human".

The names stuck for both dog and human.

To this day, "Mo the human" (who is now friends with a "Mo the cat" as well) remains deeply fascinated with all aspects of human health, and continues to explore the numerous ways we can unleash the "happy little kid, first day of summer vacation, wild animal joy" within all of us.

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About Mo

Part biology geek, part wild animal nature boy... Mo Goldstein is an exuberant, joyful human who plans to grow older while maintaining a child's curiosity. As the son of a holistic midwife and a woodcrafter, he grew up on a small family farm nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Surrounded and enthralled by abundant wildlife, he spent much of his time swimming in clear rivers and murky ponds, climbing trees, and running barefoot through the woods. (He still does all of these whenever the opportunity arises). A lifelong science student, Mo combines both joyful experience and a deep understanding of human anatomy in his approach to ensuring natural human movement through massage and careful, attentive movement coaching. Now, as a part of the Apeiron Center for Human potential, Mo can see his love for genetics and joyful human health combined!

While earning his BS in Biology from UNC Charlotte, Mo massaged many of his friends to ease the stress of studying or help them recover from playtime injuries. These friends encouraged him to drop his plans for a career in microbiology and genetic research and instead become a massage therapist. In 1999, Mo graduated with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and began his massage career in earnest. Mo has been touching lives by the thousands (one happy human at a time) ever since. 

Working in both private practice and in world class spas, Mo quickly developed a reputation for his unique approach to massage. The term “mo-ssage” created by some of his first clients gives reference to his nickname, but more so to the moving, three-dimensional style of his bodywork.