“I'd been going to Mo for years for his over-the-top excellent massages just to spoil myself. I've been to a LOT of massage therapists, and he has them all beat, hands down. Then I got hit by a car while out bicycling. Things did not look good. I was making no progress, and my physical therapists were starting to make "adapt to your new body" noises. So I went to Mo, and after just the first massage session I made a great leap forward! Every time I went I would make a great leap forward! I started going weekly to maintain, and my PTs were amazed at the turnaround. All the way through my recovery, Mo was there keeping my body open to release and change and balance, and then six months later coaching me on ways to strengthen that I could fit into my day at the desk when I was finally able to go back to work. Now, two years out, you would never know I had been bed bound for two months, on a walker for another two months, then hobbling around like the hunchback of Notre Dame for a year after that. I never would have gotten off that walker without Mo. I never would have been able to hike again. I probably never would have been able to go to work again, when I really think about it. The man is gifted. And kind. And intuitive. And fun to talk with. Give him a try, you'll be glad you did!”

“If you’re thinking about calling Mo, you should. I’ve been working out weekly with him since September and I’ve also been a massage client for years. Learning from Mo is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. His knowledge of the body and how it naturally moves is unlike any professional I have met (and I'm an RN and yoga teacher). The movement sessions are the safest and most effective practice I’ve experienced - I’m looking and feeling better than I have in years. He’s always professional and on time which I really appreciate with my busy schedule. I recommend him to my friends and clients on a regular basis. A session with him is 1000x better than a yoga class.”

"I had suffered debilitating foot pain from a sports injury for over two years. I had tried expensive orthotics, customized footwear and physical therapy. Nothing had helped. In fact, the pain had gotten worse...   He taught me four simple exercises to do every day. After three weeks, I started running again."

"Life is too short to postpone a massage with Mo."

"Mo is very gifted therapist who gives a thorough and thoughtful massage. He's impeccably professional and a wealth of knowledge."

“Utter transformation and I think it is just the beginning. Under Mo's guidance and coaching, I am doing things I haven't done physically in a long time and things I have never done. I have muscles in my butt instead of mush. My feet, omg, after 30+ years of orthotics, I am actually walking barefoot comfortably and no longer able to wear anything but the flattest of shoes. Some people may not consider that a plus. But I have actually built arches. Stronger core. Stronger arms and legs. Best of all I am doing all of this at 63 years young!!!! Moses Goldstein best trainer I have ever worked with. He also does a pretty awesome massage.”

“Mo has a clear vision based on training and practice of how our bodies are designed to work easily and safely. He can spot where I'm not using mine effectively and give directions and practices so I can retrain it to do everyday things better, like walking, lifting and keeping good balance. With Mo' s training and massage, I'm realizing my goals of more muscle strength and graceful movement and I feel great!”

"Mo showed me that there is more wisdom in my body than I ever imagined. He simply helped me recover it."

"After hearing many great things about Mo, I finally made an appointment with him for a massage and fitness session. He has been so helpful with my quest to improve my walking gait and squat form, and I appreciate his overall knowledge of functional fitness. I'm a regular Crossfitter and have seen great results from my massage sessions with Mo! Twice I have PRed a lift in the same week, a day or two after the session. I always leave feeling great and wishing I could see him more often!"

"Mo is one of the most professional, in-tune therapists in Asheville. I have received longer lasting results with him than any other massage therapist I've been to."

"Mo's knowledge of multiple modalities helps anyone recover from: stresses of sitting at a computer, driving long distances daily, weekend warrior and professional athletes that endure muscle stresses. After a Mo massage, I always feel as though I have a new body that moves more fluid and freely. The massages are a direct reflection in helping me continue to live the active lifestyle that I truly enjoy." 

"Mo made me recognize that the loss of confidence in my body had caused me to lose confidence in myself. We explored fun, beneficial exercises that immediately helped me rediscover my inner child, and more importantly, that my health and happiness were not dependent on a number on a scale."

"I really enjoy the type of massage Mo offers. He infuses natural movement along with other techniques to give a customized massage each and every time. He listens to your concerns and focuses on those areas using a therapeutic approach. It is hard to find a massage therapist who can incorporate so many different forms of release."
"After a few massages with Mo, I started movement training and fitness sessions with him (as did my husband). I look forward to improving my strength and overall health with the specific exercises targeting muscles I forgot I had. Focusing more on form and skill than repetition is proving to be more beneficial than spending hours at the gym. Just learning how to properly do a squat has been invaluable."