Enjoy every step of your journey to
fully human health! this is functional wellness.

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Functional Wellness offers premium epigenetic coaching, massage therapy, and natural human movement coaching. Since 1999, Individuals, groups, and corporate wellness programs have come to expect top quality service from Functional Wellness. (formerly known as Mo the Human) If you’re seeking highly effective massage therapy, one-on-one coaching for full body fitness, or group instruction to optimize daily movements in the workplace, Functional Wellness is available to serve your needs.

functional wellness wants you to expect More from a MASSAGE.

Focus. Depth. Sensitivity.

In joyful practice since 1999.

As an instructor and joyful participant in martial arts, dance, and adventure sports, Mo has spent decades refining a deep understanding of the human body. With a thorough grasp of natural human movement and ancestral health concepts, he has become "the massage therapists' massage therapist".

After giving many thousands of massages to a wide variety of clientele, he still cherishes every moment of his work.

The skill and attentiveness expected of a world-class spa are now available in a convenient, beautiful location at reasonable prices.

Rates: $90 per hour, $120 per 90 minutes, $155 per 2 hour session

TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF, Call or text 828-450-1299 now.


There is a unique and powerful animal that moves with graceful efficiency…

This animal is you. Together we can unleash it.


Functional Wellness is founded on the premise that humans are meant to move often, and move well. Using an approach that is “99% pleasure and play, 1% very hard work” we will create a customized individual plan that works for you.

With every client I have a few simple goals:

To help you enjoy food more than ever

To help you maintain a calm and clear mind

To help you sleep well, and wake up fully rested

To help you regain natural, efficient movement patterns

To help you become stronger and more graceful than you thought possible

To help you regain the joyful sensation of movement while you play, laugh, and build a whole new relationship with this one body you get to live in

Together we will work to help you become stronger, happier, healthier, and more adaptable than you have ever imagined…

Let’s make it happen.

Rates: $45 per 30 minute session

Mo uses a careful yet effective customized approach with each client. In combination with an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, he draws upon years of experience in numerous martial arts and dance forms, yoga, massage, and outdoor adventure sports to release the “happy little kid, first day of summer vacation, wild animal joy” within you. He will help you celebrate your lifetime of wisdom with a renewed youthful exuberance. This is Functional Wellness.