Walking is one of the most important, yet least understood movements we rely on every day. When done with a natural human gait, walking is one of the best ways to calm and center our mind, stimulate our body, and support lifelong health and vitality. However, when done with improper footwear, and improper form, it’s a possible source of harm to the joints.

With a little guidance, (and a little practice) most of us can regain our natural human movement patterns, and begin to walk with a gentle, yet powerful efficiency. This “grace in every step” brings fresh new joy to a simple movement that most of us take for granted. With natural movement patterns, we can greatly reduce factors that lead to chronic foot, knee, hip and back pain while diminishing the risk of falls.

For those who wish to run fast and free of pain, gaining a natural walking pattern is the “entry” into running with maximum joy and efficiency. For those who love hiking, this approach to walking can transform your experience on the trail to add a whole other dimension of enjoyment!

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Grace in Every Step: Reclaiming Our Natural Human Gait

Saturday, April 27 1-3pm at Weaverville Yoga $35

“What can I possibly gain from a walking workshop?”

  • simple movements and exercises to re-shape walking into the most gentle and efficient form.

  • improved balance, less risk of falls

  • greater enjoyment from walking

  • less pain in the feet, knees, hips, and low back pain

  • a joyful new tool for calming the mind, while energizing the whole body!

  • a better understanding of how to choose the best walking shoes for any terrain

  • strategies to incorporate more joyful movement into daily life

  • a natural movement foundation for gaining better running technique (future workshops will be available for those who may want to run)

What to bring:

  • soft comfortable clothing (yoga pants or shorts are best)

  • your most comfortable shoes (we will remove them when inside)

  • a desire to learn a whole new approach to walking, foot health, and shoe choices

What to expect:

  • participation in gentle movements of the feet and ankles

  • some walking, some standing, some getting up and down from the floor

  • playful participation in mildly active group activities

In this 2 hour workshop, we will address:

  • how aging affects our movements, and how our movements affect aging

  • simple, effective tools for regaining foot mobility, alignment, and strength

  • engaging movement tools for regaining full body mobility, alignment, and strength

  • how and why most of us walk poorly, and how this creates pain and/or reduces our desire to walk

  • how to walk with the grace, balance, and efficiency of our ancestors

  • how to select appropriate footwear options that help increase our natural innate strength, balance, and coordination

  • how to safely transition from shoes that diminish function, circulation, and strength to more comfortable and functional options

  • strategies to incorporate more walking into our lives

  • strategies and tools to keep walking safely in any weather and any terrain

  • technology to use and technology to avoid for best results and maximum enjoyment!