There is a unique and powerful animal that moves with graceful efficiency…

This animal is you.

Rates: $45 per 30 minute session

As your human potential coach, it is my purpose to unleash this potential in every client. Using an approach that is “99% pleasure and play, 1% very hard work” we will create a customized individual plan that works for you.

With each client I have a few simple goals:

  • To help you enjoy food more than ever

  • To help you maintain a calm and clear mind

  • To help you regain natural, efficient movement patterns

  • To help you become stronger and more graceful than you thought possible

  • To help you regain the joyful sensation of movement while you play, laugh, and build a whole new relationship with this one body you get to live in

Together we will work to help you become stronger, happier, healthier, and more adaptable than you have ever imagined…

Let’s make it happen.

I use a careful yet effective customized approach with each client. In combination with an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, I draw upon years of experience in numerous martial arts and dance forms, yoga, massage, and outdoor adventure sports to release the “happy little kid, first day of summer vacation, wild animal joy” within you. We will celebrate your lifetime of wisdom with a renewed youthful exuberance.

I think of "fitness" as a combination of strength and skill, and thus I like to differentiate between "movement" and "exercise": "Movement" is how we use our body on a daily basis, whereas "exercise" is movement done specifically to create a positive adaptive response. Of course, many activities can be both, but I like to first ensure that our daily habits are fluid, efficient, and graceful movements that make the body strong and healthy rather than causing a breakdown of our joints and tissues. I try to teach movement in terms of what our body is naturally meant to do.

The term "primal fitness" has become a bit of a loaded term. It seems for most folks these days to mean some sort of prehistoric re-enactment. If you search "primal fitness" on YouTube, there are thousands of videos of folks carrying logs and throwing rocks, climbing trees, dragging things, balancing on rocks, jumping over park benches, etc. I'm not opposed to any or all of this stuff, and fully enjoy such activities myself. However, it's not how I recommend my coaching clients start their training. For me, above all, I want to encourage people to be as safe as possible since getting injured while "getting fit" pretty much defeats the purpose.

I usually coach my fitness clients starting with "movement" using basic natural human movements: Walking, Squatting, Lifting and Standing. (Even accomplished athletes are often surprised by how much room for improvement they have in this realm!) More advanced clients might explore running, climbing, jumping, falling, throwing, and grappling.

Once we have established a few basic movements that can be performed as a playful gentle daily practice, then we go on to the "1% very hard work" portion. In my own life, this portion takes less than 30 minutes per week. I advocate brief, high intensity strength training as a safe and efficient tool for building muscle, improving bone density, and increasing base metabolic rate. Contrary to popular opinion, your base metabolic rate is what actually burns far more calories than exercise. I often tell my clients "If you want to burn fat, build muscle." Using slow and safe, but very challenging exercises, we can stimulate a healthy epigenetic response. Rapid increases in metabolic rate, muscle growth, and bone density then become possible without having to use fancy equipment or dangerous techniques.